Adrian Peterson is watching the Vikings front office moves

The NFLs 2012 MVP will not be surprised by the moves that the Vikings front office makes. According to ESPN’s Ben Goessling he is paying close attention.

“Trust me, I’m watching,” Peterson said, via Ben Goessling of “I’m watching to see exactly what we’re doing, just to see exactly what direction we’re headed in. I’ve been keeping my eyes open with the head coach; I knew he was probably the guy they were going to go with. It wasn’t too much of a surprise. I’ve been watching for the coordinators — are they going to keep Bill Musgrave around or what direction they’re going to go with. With a new coach, that’s when things start happening, too, that’s all part of the process.”

I’m a little bit surprised that Peterson isn’t getting a say in any of the decisions being made. Peterson isn’t a QB but is the face of the franchise and is by far their most dangerous player and most valuable asset. If things don’t go to Peterson’s liking he could make some very unfortunate requests in regards to his Vikings future.