Adrian Peterson knows he needs to do more for the Vikings

Last season Adrian Peterson had arguably one of the greatest seasons all time for a running back and led his team to a 10-6 record and the playoffs. This season the Vikings have 5 losses in their first six games and Adrian Peterson is not having the type of season he had last year, on pace for about 1360 yards, a little over half of his 2500 yard prediction. Peterson knows he must do more for his team.

“Just keep pressing, man,” Peterson said about what he can do to get his game back to where he knows it should me. “That’s all I can do is just keep practicing hard. Just try to clean up.

Keep swinging. That’s all I can do.”

Adrian Peterson is the type of player that teams lean on, a true franchise pillar. He will get things turned around but it may be too late for the Vikings.

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