Adrian Peterson being hindered by injury

After one of the greatest seasons in NFL history Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has had what can only be described as a disappointing season by his standards. Much of the lack of production stems from an injured groin according to Peterson and HC Leslie Frazier. It was clear that the injury held Peterson back against Seattle.

“That groin is bothering him,” coach Leslie Frazier said. “It definitely affected him. There were a couple of moments when he was so close to breaking it and just couldn’t get that one key ingredient to get it going. He’s not 100 percent.”

“Actually, it was bothering me a lot,” Peterson said of the injury. “There were a couple plays in the first half, oh man, I knew if I was able to explode the way I normally do I could have gotten some big chunks, even taken it to the house.”

Theres no denying that Peterson is an amazing talent but some injuries, especially ones of these nature can stifle production and can become worse without rest. At 2-8 the Vikings are out of the playoff hunt and Leslie Frazier is faced with a decision; keep Peterson in to influence teams to keep 8 in the box while risking further injury, or allowing Peterson to rest up until he is nearly 100%. Expect Peterson to play as long as he can walk though.

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