Ryan Leaf’s agent says that the Colt’s wanted Leaf but leaf preferred the city of San Diego

Ryan Leaf’s agent Leigh Steinberg is writing a book titled The Agent. One of the stories included in the book is that of Ryan Leaf who was in the conversation with Peyton Manning as the best QB in the draft. According to Steinberg the Colts, who had the first overall pick, wanted to draft Leaf but Leaf preferred to start his career in the San Diego sunshine.

Steinberg claims that the Colts wanted Leaf but he didn’t want to go there because he preferred San Diego weather and laid back lifestyle:

“No way do I want to play in Indianapolis,” he told me, referring to the Colts, who owned the No. 1 pick. Instead, because of the exceptional weather and the more laid-back lifestyle, he preferred the San Diego Chargers, who would go second.
“That’s fine,” I warned him, “but the way to achieve this is not exactly going to help your image. You’ll get a lot of criticism.” Ryan didn’t care about his image, though, only his destination.-BlackSportsOnline.com

If this story is true Leaf did the Colts a huge favor.