Tyvon Branch will likely get a long-term deal in Oakland

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Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com believes there’s a strong chance that the Oakland Raiders will end up signing safety Tyvon Branch to a long-term deal.

“The Michael Griffin deal from last month, which took the Titans safety off the franchise tag, provides a pretty good template for Branch and the Raiders working something out,” wrote La Canfora.  “New GM Reggie McKenzie has worked hard to secure young talent and navigate a brutal cap situation that forced him to part with some talent.”

“The mere fact the Raiders were able to create the room to franchise Branch showed their intent, and there is motivation on both sides to do something beyond the one-year franchise Band-Aid. If you take the Griffin deal, but spread some guaranteed money a little more into the contract, provide a little more third-year protection in the form of a guaranteed portion of base play or a roster bonus due early in the league year, then there is ample potential here.”

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Branch.  He’s a young up and coming safety that will only get better.  The Raiders must make sure he sticks around.

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