Tim Brown “shocked” by Terrelle Pryor’s progress

When Terrelle Pryor entered the league out of Ohio State he entered under a microscope and more than his fair share of scrutiny. A phenomenal athlete with marginal passing abilities many questioned his ability to play QB in the NFL. His first start against the Chargers in the last game of last season did little to quell those qualms. Pryor showed ability to get out of the pocket and make some plays on the run but his accuracy and velocity left much to be desired within the pocket.

Pryor’s most recent Chargers game showed how far his game in the pocket has come. Former Raider great Tim Brown says that he is shocked with how far Pryor has come.

“I am shocked that this man has come around as quickly as he has,” said Brown. “A couple two or three years ago, I covered him with my gig with ESPN and was down on the field and got to stand right by him and could not believe how big this kid was. But then I watched him play and said ‘well, he’ll be in the NFL but he’s not gonna be a quarterback. He’s gonna be a tight end or something’ because I saw no NFL quarterback skills at all. He could throw a deep ball but he couldn’t throw an out route to save his life.

“I think from that standpoint to see how he has come around in two, three short years is remarkable. And it shows you if you work hard and do what you need to do then things can work out for you. But I’m pretty impressed with him. Hopefully he’ll come back this week and keep improving and keep trying to make something happen for himself.”-SilverandBlackPride.com

Pryor has gone from a very large one-dimensional athlete playing quarterback, to being a true 2 dimensional threat. To put Pryor’s progression in perspective, he has a higher completion percentage when in the pocket than Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. Obviously he isn’t in the Brees, Rodgers discussion, but it is an interesting statistic none-the-less.

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