Raiders owner eyeing Concord California as the new home of the Raiders

Raiders owner Mark Davis has been doing some searching to find the Raiders a new home. A possibility according to is Concord California at the Concord Naval Weapons station that Davis toured recently.

“He made no commitments, but my feeling, he liked the looks of the property,” Concord Mayor Dan Helix said.

The 5,000-acre facility has been decommissioned and is being cleaned up.

The proximity of the site to the Concord BART line caught the owner’s attention, since 30 percent of the team’s fans use the local subway system to get to the team’s

Concord has a population of only about 124,000 and Oakland is where the Raiders would like to stay, but with slow progress it makes sense to check out more options.

  • kingcezer

    Just move to LA. You need a 68,000 seat stadium if you expect to hold a Super Bowl. Fan base is larger and we won two Super Bowls there. Do not let the NFL and others talk you out of it! Make the move!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a brilliant idea, lots of room to tailgate, close to Oakland and the rest of the Bay area. More important a proper facility for the team. Has anyone taken note of all the times players have tripped on the present baseball turf, could lead to more injuries and lost games. Plus the revenue for seating, suites etc . is needed in order to compete financially. Mark is a smart man.

    • kingcezer

      I agree. Mark Davis is doing a good job on this. And he did the right thing in hiring a General Manager. Hopefully it works.

  • Anonymous

    Wrong, we won two Superbowls in Oakland, one while based in L.A.