Raiders offseason moves raise questions about how team is being run

The Oakland Raiders haven’t exactly been a model NFL franchise over the past decade. But when general manager Reggie McKenzie was hired before last season and began purging bad contracts and questionable acquisitions made by the previous regime, it looked as if there was hope for Raider Nation for the first time in recent memory.

The moves by the Raiders this offseason, however, have been questionable to say the least. Tim Kawakami of the Contra Costa Times shares his view, starting with the Raiders decision to draft cornerback  D.J. Hayden in the first round.

“With a roster that desperately needs an influx of difference-making talent, how could McKenzie risk his highest draft pick to date on a player with this much of a health question mark?”

Even though Hayden has been declared 100% healthy after heart surgery, how will he react on an instinctual level when asked to make a hard tackle using his abdomen, the part of his body the surgery was performed on? Will he shy away from hits, or maybe  go for the weak arm-tackle instead of the solid hit? Time will tell the long-term consequences of his surgery, but right now there are definite questions.

Kawakami continues.

“[T]he Raiders’ roster is bad again this season, possibly worse than last season, and last season’s talent level was awful.”

Another fair point. Where have the Raiders gotten better this offseason? Is Matt Flynn better than Carson Palmer? The Raiders lost four key defensive linemen from last year–Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly, Desmond Bryant, and Matt Shaughnessy–meaning that their run defense will likely be even worse than their 28th ranking last year. The lack of pass rush could also offset the additions made by the Raiders in the secondary–Mike Jenkins, Tracy Porter, and D.J. Hayden–since no NFL corner can cover an NFL receiver when an NFL quarterback has all day to throw.

We will have to wait for the NFL season to start before we truly judge the moves made by Reggie McKenzie, of course. But for now, plenty of questions remain about where the Oakland Raiders are headed. Not that that’s anything new.

  • Cerberus

    Kawakami is just continuing his tradition of hating on the Raiders. He thought Charles Woodson would be a good acquisition for the 49ers, but when he signed with the Raiders instead, Kawakami wrote him off as old and washed-up.


      I agree there are too many raider haters “dont player hate participate”
      we will get back to the glory days of winning just wait and see

  • dahbone1

    Kawakami–what the hell’s he know about football… about as much as i know about suma wrestling…

  • Anonymous

    When I was an assistant coach for a pee-wee league football program in Texas, we where in a very small town with very little talent. we came up with a good defence that would bend but not brake. I think the Raiders are going to do the same.

  • Anonymous

    Reggie Mckenzie has brought in the Dennis Allen, because he was insecure about Hue Jacksons influence on personal. Since then we lost Carson Palmer which Mr. Jackson brought to the team to win. But Dennis Allen (Mckenzie) not only gets rid of talent cause of ego we also can’t even run the ball with one of the premier running back talents in the league. Make no mistake Raider fans. Reggie Mckenzie is running our team to the ground cause he can’t bare to see that Hue Jackson was a smarter talent scout than he was. Mckenzie is the true cause for the Raiders being last in the division again this season.

  • Anonymous

    we will be just fine, we are a better team than last year because we have hungry players who want to compete. Not a bunch of lame asses sitting around collecting a check. Don’t forget about the $60-70 million we will have next year. Reggie has us going in the right direction let’s just hope Mark Davis is patient enough to let it all develop. Screw the haters GO RAIDERS!!!

  • Anonymous

    I may not know alot about how to run a football organization but i do believe what the raiders are doing is the right way to fix a problem. everyone expects superstar talent for a cheap price, that in my opinion is simple not heard of. to that note how they drafted was the way i would have went after i read up about the prospects this year. and for the record not all rookies will be stars even if they picked high. all teams can do is go with who they believe is going to great. the draft is something of great insight and luck, much like poker you win some and you lose some.

  • mark j

    i believe u guys r worried that a slumbering monster is waking up fm its long sleep. u cannot stop with the negativity. not gonna say we r gonna win it all. but we r definitely r gonna win more than 5 games this season. and when we do what r u gonna say then?