King or Kluwe, Raiders punting battle: “Gap definitely closed”

Last year Marquette King was signed to the Raiders preseason roster to take pressure off of veteran Shane Lechler during the preseason. Many didn’t believe that he was much more than a camp leg at the time but he showed enough promise that the Raiders stashed King on the injured reserve all season in fear of losing him. This season King was a given a real shot at a positional competition with veteran punter Chris Kluwe. The biggest knock on the strong-legged King was his consistency. He can boom one with an absolute cannon of a leg, but would often not connect on his punts and have some unremarkable kicks. Kluwe on the other hand has held a considerable lead in the punting competition due to his consistency. Kluwe is a consistent product, you always know that you will get a solid punt every time and that has kept him ahead. However it now appears Marquette King has drastically improved his consistency and Dennis Allen has taken notice.

“I’ve been impressed with what Marquette’s been able to do over the last probably week and a half of training camp and what he was able to do in the last two preseason games so the gap is definitely closed,” Allen said Saturday. “I think it’s a really good competition that we have going there and we’re gonna let that thing play out through the rest of the preseason and see how it plays out.” August 17th

There is only enough room on the Raiders roster for one punter, but it is a very real possibility that both punters will start the regular season on NFL rosters.