Greg Olson on Terrelle Pryor “still tinkering with that toy”

Terrelle Pryor is being called on to get serious playing this season by many fans. Raiders OC Greg Olson is trying to figure out how to make that happen in the most efficient manner.

“We’re still kinda tinkering with that toy,” said Olson. We did some things in the first game that we were pleased with. We went into the second game and tried some other schemes… you looked at them and say maybe they weren’t as successful as they were in that first week, but again, we changed up and we’ll continue to change up and do some different things this week with him so that we have an entire package. Each week we’re just trying to expose a little bit with Terrelle, add a little bit to the initial package that we had in for him.”- August 2oth

In Pryor’s first preseason game this year he ran some pistol sets and looked very good both passing and running the ball. If Pryor wants more playing time and to challenge for a starting role he simply has to continue to do what he has been doing: consistently and continuously improve. He’s shown he can do that.

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