Welker says he “feels bad” for beating the Patriots

It was certainly a big game for Broncos WR Wes Welker when he faced off against his former team in the AFC Championship game against the Patriots. After contract talks with the Patriots took a turn for the worse and he bolted to Denver. For that reason it must haveĀ been satisfying for Welker to get a win.

“It’s sweet, no matter what,” Welker said after the Broncos won the AFC title with a 26-16 victory. “Getting to go to the Super Bowl and having this opportunity, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Welker was being nice…

Last spring, he bolted to the Broncos as a free agent after contract talks with the Patriots turned nasty. It became so acrimonious that the two sides disputed each other’s versions of the events that led to the departure of the franchise’s leading receiver.

Given that, isn’t this victory a bit more significant?

“Maybe a little bit,” Welker told USA TODAY Sports. “But I’ve got a lot of love for a lot of guys over there, and the organization and the team, a lot of respect. I feel bad for ‘em. Because I’ve been in that situation that they’re in right now.”-USAToday.com

Welker is saying all the right things but it was clear to coaches and players that this was a big game to Welker who gave the Broncos a team speech on Saturday and prepped them for the game.