Von Miller and a urine collector tried to cheat drug test

Von Miller was unsuccessful in an attempt to cheat the NFL’s drug testing system. Miller with the help of a urine collector submitted a diluted sample that registered as positive resulting in a 4 game suspension for the Broncos’ star pass rusher. The plan was to submit another person’s urine specimen to the tester and it may have worked had Miller not been in another city at the time of collection.

Sources said the collector worked in Miami, where Miller spends offseason time, and the collector reveled in knowing the Broncos linebacker while being, according to a source, “star struck.” It led, sources said, to the collector’s willingness to substitute another person’s urine specimen for Miller’s. It might have worked, sources said, had a second collector not discovered that Miller was not in the city where his collection was supposed to have taken place.

“He’s fast,” one source said of Miller, “but he’s not that fast.”-ESPN.com

This situation certainly a stain on the reputation of the NFL’s drug testing policy but thankful measures are being taken to make sure that situations like this don’t happen again

The NFL met with Drug Free Sport to make sure instances like Miller’s could and would be avoided in the future. Drug Free Sport, according to sources, already has identified a new fingerprinting technology to the NFL, similar to the one being used in new iPhones, that would make it impossible for substitute urine specimens to be submitted.

Miller is very lucky that his suspension didn’t cost him the entire season, something that the source said was a very real possibility. It is also worth noting that Miller thought that it’d be worth seeking help from a collector, it makes you wonder if there is an underlying drug problem with Miller.