Rahim Moore to miss several games with rare injury

Bronco’s Safety Rahim Moore will miss several games after being diagnosed with compartment syndrome in his left leg. Compartment syndrome is caused when muscle swells within fascia, that cannot expand. The pressure within the muscle causes nerve damage and in serious cases can lead to amputation. Moore is very fortunate to have caught it early enough to get treatment. The treatment for compartment syndrome known as a fasciotomy ┬áis pretty graphic in and of itself, and consists of cutting the fascia (connective tissue surrounding muscles) in order to relieve the pressure within the compartment.

Moore left Sunday night’s game against the Chiefs with pain in his lower left leg about halfway through the second quarter. He was diagnosed in the middle of the night, when he experienced more pain and was hospitalized, Broncos interim coach Jack Del Rio said. He then had surgery early Monday morning.-DenverPost.com