Omaha Steaks considering a deal with Peyton Manning

Omaha became Nebraska’s most famous city this week with Peyton Manning yelling the name repeatedly this weekend. Omaha Steaks doesn’t want the city to get all the credit though and are reportedly mulling over a deal with the Broncos passer that would pay him for incorporating the now famous “Omaha” into his presnap jargon. Seems like a decent enough idea but there are more than a few obstacles.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that the league doesn’t have a rule in place that would forbid such a deal being made. Alan Zucker, who does Manning’s marketing, wouldn’t comment on if he’d accept such a deal. 

But that doesn’t mean any potential deal between Manning and Omaha Steaks wouldn’t be frowned upon…

“It would be difficult to imagine the team allowing a quarterback, in the Super Bowl, to promote one his sponsors when he’s at the line of scrimmage calling plays,” Fleming said. “You also have to consider the damage to a player’s credibility in the eyes of his teammates during such an important moment.

“But let’s not be too naïve. If there were a significant enough financial incentive for the team, anything is possible.”

The NFL certainly wouldn’t be happy with Manning making his own money based off of his own calls when promoters are paying millions for a few seconds of ad space. Also depending on what the call will mean for the Super Bowl Manning could end up calling it 40+ times a game, or 5. There would have to be a lot worked out for a deal to get done.