Broncos haven’t asked Peyton Manning to restructure


When looking at the Bronco’s salary cap it isn’t hard to tell that a large portion of their cap is tied up in QB Peyton Manning. If they intend to improve on the team that was obliterated in the Super Bowl an approach may be to ask Peyton Manning to free up some cap room.

Per a league source, the Broncos have yet to approach Manning about a possible restructuring.  With a cap number of $17.5 million and a base salary of $15 million, the Broncos could easily create more than $9 million in cap space by converting $14 million of Peyton’s salary to a signing

If Manning were to restructure and convert some base salary to signing bonus it would become prorated over several years of the contract and lower his 2014 cap hit but would increase his cap hit in later years. It may be an approach looking at if the Broncos believe the rumors about the salary cap rising dramatically similar to this year.