MJD ready to move on from Jacksonville if they don’t want him back

Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew is in a difficult situation entering free agency after one of his worst statistical seasons ever. MJD has shown that he can get it done making 3 all pro teams. But in less than two months he will be 29 and has shown a recent tendency to for injury and although not small he is short and many questioned his ability to withstand NFL rigors. The question of him staying in Jacksonville isn’t up to him to him anymore.

“For me, that’s where I started at. I always want to finish there,” he said. “I don’t know if they feel the same way I do. We’ll see; there’s no hard feelings. I enjoyed my career there up to this point. If I’m able to finish, that’d be awesome. If not, there will be another opportunity somewhere else and be able to get somewhere to play and enjoy that experience there.”-NFL.com

Jones-Drew’s accomplishments warrant an extension but the Jags wouldn’t be signing him for his accomplishments, it’s what he can offer in the future. Don’t be surprised if he signs somewhere else for backup money. It is unfortunate but a team will be hesitant to give him big money.