Maurice Jones-Drew says he has a lot left in the tank

Like with any player facing free agency, any chance to have a good performance is key, even more so if you have had a season below your expectations. That is the situation Jags RB Maurice Jones-Drew is facing. Struggling with injuries this season and last MJD faces the possibility of having the two worst seasons of his career. Over the past two seasons MJD has combined to accumulate 1178 rushing yards. He has had 3 seasons better than the last two years combined, so it is no surprise that he will play against the Colts and try to put up a good showing. The RB says that he still has plenty left to give any team that will sign him.

He said he tried to involve himself in contract talks when he held out in 2012, but those experiences have moved him to focus on “getting back to where I play at a high level.”

“I know what I have left, and I feel like it’s a lot,” Jones-Drew said, via the Florida Times Union. “I’ll just go home, relax and hopefully things will work out for the best.”

MJD will certainly not get starting RB money. A big question scouts had about him coming out of UCLA was whether or not he could sustain a starting NFL workload at his size. Now those questions are louder than ever. Between the draft and free agency good young RBs can be had at a discount. The market for RBs especially ones that have a knack for getting injured is very soft.