Jags narrow the playlist for Denard Robinson

Shortly after the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Michigan QB Denard Robinson they touted him as an “Offensive Weapon” however their offensive weapon may have bitten off more than he can chew. According to an ESPN reportĀ Denard Robinson is having trouble hanging on to the ball. To be a versatile weapon on offense you generally need the ball in your hands. The Jags have taken Robinson off punt return duties and most offensive formations other than wildcat looks. Robinson had great success at Michigan but with his slight build it appears that he is having trouble dealing with the size of his NFL counterparts. The Jags have a reputation for trying to change player’s positions, specifically QB’s without much success. Robinson’s problems are certainly fixable and I think Jacksonville is taking the right approach by bringing him along slowly. In time he may become the “Offensive Weapon” that they imagined when they drafted him.