Colts have 3,000 season tickets available

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Even though the Indianapolis Colts have been one of the most successful NFL franchises over the past decade, they still have 3,000 season tickets that haven’t been sold.

It’s obvious that the reason the Colts are having a hard time selling tickets, is because their former quarterback Peyton Manning is now with the Broncos.

Right now the Colts don’t anticipate having any games blacked out this coming season.

“We’re not anticipating being blacked out,” Pete Ward, the club’s chief operating officer, said Tuesday, per the Indianapolis Star.

With the Colts facing a problem with selling season tickets for the upcoming season despite having a bright future with Andrew Luck now under center, it looks like their fans are fair-weather and don’t truly love their team.  This is very sad, especially since I’ve spoken with some Colts fans who’ve confirmed my analysis.

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