DeAndre Hopkins will take the NFL by storm

The Texans’ first round draft choice is already being given high praise from his teammates.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle tweeted:

Matt Schaub on rookie WR DeAndre Hopkins: “The ball seems to stick to his hands. He’s got a tone of talent.”

McClain also tweeted this:

WR Andre Johnson on rookie WR DeAndre Hopkins: “I’ve never seen a guy 1-hand balls the way he can. His handles are incredible.”

There is no doubt Hopkins has tremendous talent. Before I started writing here at PFZ, I ran a Steelers blog. I posted many Steelers mock drafts that included the Steelers taking Hopkins with their 17th overall selection. A pick I still say they should have made.

I watched hours of game tape on receivers entering the 2013 draft. Hopkins, in my mind, is the best of this year’s draft class in terms of receivers, and I felt this way for quite some time. I also believe he definitely has a shot at winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

Hopkins is being put into a great situation. He gets to lineup across from one of the best receivers of the last decade in Andre Johnson. Teams are going to quickly find out that Houston no longer has just one highly capable wideout.

Hopkins has every skill a wide receiver needs to be successful in the NFL. He’s an absolutely great route runner. He excels stop-and-go routes. Hopkins has some of the best footwork I’ve ever seen in a wide receiver. He uses feet to create separation from defensive backs. Hopkins, noticeably, has a second gear he can get to when in the open field. He’s also has good strength; Hopkins can go over the middle of the field.

On top of all of that, Hopkins is only 21 years old. He’s a very polished product at a young age, and he has room for improvement. Hopkins is still far off from reaching the ceiling of his talent. People are gonna know the name DeAndre Hopkins.