Mike Tomlin: There’s a lot of work that needs to be done from an officiating standpoint

Mike Tomlin, the Steelers and Steelers fans everywhere desperately held out hope that somehow the Chiefs team of backups would be able to beat a desperate Chargers team fighting for a playoff spot. They came very close to witnessing that very event but unfortunately for them events transpired that Tomlin was none to pleased about.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done from an officiating standpoint. I think it’s been well-documented in the last several weeks, not only in stadiums we’ve played in, but others [too].

“I always want to be someone that’s part of the solution as opposed to someone that’s complaining and moaning about the problem. I intend to roll my sleeves up and offer any insight I can in making [the league] the very best it can be moving forward.”

“Those guys do a great job of communicating during difficult times, and I appreciate that. But it doesn’t change what transpired.”-BlackSportsOnline.com

The specific event that Tomlin is referring to is Ryan Succop’s missed field goal that would have won the Chiefs the game but was missed. On the play 7 Chargers were lined up on the line of scrimmage and should have resulted in a penalty but wasn’t called. Tomlin has reason to be upset. The missed call could have had huge ramifications on the seasons of the Chargers and the Steelers as it would have given Succop another attempt.


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    That’s not the only issue. They botched a fumble on a 4th down play in overtime that KC returned for a td that would have ended the game.

    Succop would have kicked a 36 yarder on the next kick yes but the play I just mentioned would have ended the game. The head of officiating also said the refs blew that play also.

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    The officials need more training not more money. Maybe reffing some computer simulated games with very difficult calls installed may help, Also instant replay needs to be expanded to where a coach can challenge more stuff at any time and if he gets the challenge right he gets it restored. I know it sounds like it will slow the games down but if the refs were better trained this challenge thing wouldn’t be an issue and the games wouldn’t be stopping all the time any ways. And there does need to be accountability when a ref makes a mistake acknowledge it and fix it , between plays would be a great time not Monday.

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