Ben Roethlisberger is better than Terry Bradshaw

Ben Roethlisberger is the greatest quarterback in Steelers’ history. Yes, Ben’s career is far from over, but he’s already proven to be the best QB that’s ever played in a black and gold uniform. Terry Bradshaw is the No.1 QB in many of Steelers fans’ hearts. Bradshaw dazzled fans in the Steelers’ greatest era, that being the 1970’s.

Big Ben took the NFL by storm in his rookie season. Roethlisberger, arguably put together the best rookie season of all-time in 2004. The Steelers were 6-10 in 2003. Ben Roethlisberger started 13 games in his rookie year, and won every single game. Roethlisberger broke several rookie QB records. He was the start of the rookie QB craze that still continues to this date. More and more teams are willing to place rookie QBs in starting roles all thanks to Roethlisberger.

Ben, then went on to win a Super Bowl in his second season, making him the youngest QB to capture a Super Bowl ring. There isn’t another QB that had better rookie and sophomore years than Big Ben.

Bradshaw certainly did not have the same impact in his early years. Bradshaw lost the starting job many of times in his first few seasons. Bradshaw didn’t lead the Steelers to the playoffs until his third season. He even lost his starting job a couple of times in 1974; his first Super Bowl year.

When comparing the two quarterbacks’ stats, an uneducated fan will say “Roethlisberger is definitely the better QB.” You can NOT compare passing stats from two separate eras.

For most of his career, Bradshaw played in a defense-ruled league. Defenders were allowed to jam receivers all the way up and down the field. Since the Mel Blount rule was put in place in 1978, passing stats have risen more and more.

Ben is the better QB based off of his ability. Ben is a way more accurate passer. Terry may have been able to throw a better deep ball, but that’s about it. Ben and Bradshaw both have had their share of big game wins. Although, I’d definitely rather have Roethlisberger on my side if I’m down late in the fourth quarter.

Terry Bradshaw played with a countless number of hall of famers. Roethlisberger has been the heart and soul on offense on most of his teams, and on defense there weren’t many hall of famers on those teams. Simply put: Bradshaw played with a significantly better supporting cast. The Steelers of Roethlisberger’s era need him more than the 70’s Steelers needed Bradshaw.


Terry Bradshaw:

Super Bowl Appearances – 4

Super Bowl Wins – 4

Super Bowl MVP Awards – 2

Pro Bowl Selections – 3

League MVP – 1

Ben Roethlisberger:

Super Bowl Appearances – 3

Super Bowl Wins – 2

Super Bowl MVP Awards – 0

Pro Bowl Selections – 2

League MVP – 0


  1. says

    Why would you go there? Since you have, here is my retort. This game is played for championships and Terry is one of only two QB;s to have 4 and never take an L in those games.

    Your career is you entire body of work. Ben has an L now and 2 wins. Ben almost killed himself with a motorcycle accident and has surely damaged himself aw well as my pride off the field. I like Ben and have defended him to Ravens and Browns fans many a time over the above mentioned items.

    But Terry and his four rings AND 2 MVP’s of those four Superbowl wins? To go along with a LEAGUE MVP in 1978? Terry played the absolute best, when it mattered most. I have heard people say with out thinking i will add “Terry had the Steel Curtain”

    There is only one team in the history of the Superbowl whose defense gave up 31 points and still won. The teams QB and MVP of that Superbowl win? Terry Bradshaw:)

    He retired with FOUR records. Two were Super Bowl records and two were post season records. His 9 TD’s and 932 yards passing were the best in Superbowl History when he retired and everyone seems to forget he called his own plays on a run orientated team.

    He held two more post season records when he retired, which were 30 Td’s and 3,833 passing yards again. He rushed for another 32 TD’s which isn’t a record however its a testament to his play calling and team first mentality and athletic ability.

    Terry took it up a notch and played his best when it counted most.. Ill take Terry’s leader ship against the Doomsday Defense (twice) and the Purple People Eaters any day and compare that to others.

    Ben isn’t done however, he has lost a Superbowl and made choices off the field that might effect how much longer he can play as he grows older. I simply can’t “as a matter of fact” crown Ben the better QB yet.

  2. mike wormack says

    Apples and Oranges, but I’ll play. As good as the Defense we have had in recent year, I don’t think anyone is taking them over the Defense from the 70’s. On offense Hall of Famers surrounded Bradshaw. In Ben’s career he had the Bus for two seasons, Ward would cancel out Swann and even if one argues Webster and Pouncey are the same which right now it isn’t close but one day maybe. Bradshaw had a better line. Coaching will say a push. Bradshaw had the better teams. Ben had good teams but propelled Pittsburgh to a very efficient passing game. If Ben went back in time, he would be as big as an Offensive Tackle and would be surrounded by the talent Bradshaw had, he may have won six superbowls. If Bradshaw were playing today, he would probably be a journeyman or a backup because he wasn’t very accurate, he is probably one of the best Big Game QB’s of all time though, but during the season he wouldn’t be able to get the teams that Ben had to the playoffs. I mean what was his passer rating for Pete’s sake 50 or 60 C’mon! It’s Ben and it’s not close.

  3. says

    Apples and Oranges is right. Ben has an L. Ben had a chance to win with time on the clock against the Packers. That is your chance to shine, that is the defining moment, Plenty of time and we went out on downs. Against Green Bay which doesn’t exactly have what i call a Doomsday or Purple People Eater defense now does it?

    Dom Capers (and I hate Dom for a few reasons) schemed and shut Ben down, Those are the moments that EXACTLY define you from others and keep you as a undefeated QB in the Superbowl and your 3rd ring instead of a loss and two wins.

    In the same argument, he losses to a less than dominant packer defense but would “go back in time” and win 2 more Superbowls and be undefeated at 5 or 6 and O? smh. You are just giving him four wins automatically? All of those games were close except AFTER the second half against the Rams. Didn’t someone just lose a close game to Greenbay? Again, time on the clock, game is in your hands and what happened?

    The game is about titles and when you play your absolute best against the absolute best and on the biggest stage? I’m not going to discredit you for it.

    Ben is a good QB and I love the big guy however,I’m not telling someone who was undefeated in the big game and 50% of the time he played in the big game the league voted him MVP…that he’s second best.

  4. says

    I’m not done here. Did I just actually read where you said that Terry would be only a backup up in the NFL today? With the great Mark Sanchez, Brandon Weeden, Alex Smith, Josh Freeman, Christian Ponder etc as starting QB’s to name a few Bradshaw sits? If that comment wasn’t so over the top as well as ridiculous, I wouldn’t have even replied.

    Lets go the other way now. I keep hearing about the team being great and Terry discredited. So my question is this. A team so stacked with talent ANYBODY could win at QB yet he was selected the MVP 50% of the time out of all those guys,? Hmmmmm the logic isn’t adding up to me I’m sorry.

  5. All-Time Steeler Fan says

    Simply put, Ben has yet to show any real leadership of any kind. I think he’s a disgrace to the Steelers name and doesn’t come close to Terry.

  6. mike wormack says

    I am not saying Bradshaw did not have talent, and as the article pointed out he played in a different era. But aside from big games, Bradshaw was not very consistent despite having two hall of fame receivers for most of his career. It is what it is, Bradshaw was a good Quarterback who played with a great team. Ben is a great quarterback who played with good teams. As far as the Packer Game, I don’t see any videos of Franco Harris Fumbling with the game still in question the way Mendenhall did, but I guess that was Ben’s fault too. I know what your thinking what about the Super Bowl against the Seahawks, Ben didn’t play well, but you can’t forget about the way he lit up opposing defenses on the road in the playoffs to get us in position to win. Bradshaw had a stinker against the Vikings he passed for 96 yards and got bailed out by a Defense that allowed 119 total yards. Heck I could have played quarterback that game, well maybe not me I was only four, but my dad who was pretty out of shape, he could have handed the ball off to Franco that game and saw the same result. Lastly, I don’t want to bash Mr. Bradshaw too much because he was a very good quarterback, but respectfully the only way he would play if he were in playing shape today is at punter, he actually had a good leg.

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