Michael Irvin: I Had To Talk Josh Gordon ‘Off The Ledge’

Earlier this season the Browns were in the midst of trade rumors that included WR Josh Gordon. Apparently Gordon didn’t take that very well.

Gordon had gained a terrible reputation amid some off the field troubles. According to Around The League, Gordon didn’t start his breakout 2013 campaign until he had a heart to heart with the great Michael Irvin.

“I had to talk him off the ledge, so to speak, when they were talking about trading him,” NFL Media’s Michael Irvin revealed on Thursday’s edition of the “M&M Podcast.” “He was so hurt and crushed. I was like, ‘Man, you are the only property of value.’ But he said he wants to be in Cleveland and wants to win in Cleveland, so I respect that.”-BlackSportsOnline.com

Brown has had a dynamite season, and has stayed out of trouble. The Browns are going to be happy they never made the trade.

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