Jim Brown rips the Browns organization

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Former Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown was a guest on the NFL Network on Friday.  He ended up ripping Browns owner Randy Lerner on NFL Total Access (via NFL.com), for how he’s been running his franchise.

“I think that the owner, and I have to be very candid with you, is trying to turn all the power over to someone else. I don’t think that’s possible,” Brown said. “I think that the owner is ultimately going to be the leader and I think until Randy takes that position, it’s going to be difficult.

“Holmgren is a fine executive but he is not the owner, and I think the players know that. So I think the players feel that they don’t have that top dog sitting there in that office so they can feel that they have great leadership from the top. There’s always a question mark when your owner is in England.”

Holmgren may not be the owner, but it’s all on him to turn around a dreadful Browns organization that doesn’t look like they’ve improved much heading into this season.

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