Brian Hoyer “It’s pretty much inevitable, [the Browns] will draft a quarterback”

The Cleveland Browns have the 4th selection in the draft, giving them a chance to nab a premier QB. Current Browns QB Brian Hoyer is expecting them to do that.

“It’s pretty much inevitable, they will draft a quarterback and that’s nothing new,” Hoyer said Friday on radio row at the Super Bowl. “In this league, there’s always someone coming up behind you or laterally moving. There’s going to be someone for me to compete with, which I have no problem with. That makes you better. The question is, where (will they draft him?). I have no idea and I try not to worry about things that I can’t control.”-Cleveland.comĀ 

Hoyer went 3-0 for the Browns in 2013 before an ACL tear ended his season. He is confident that he will start for the Browns no matter where that QB is drafted. It will certainly be difficult for Hoyer if the Browns start to lose and there is a top 5 pick sitting behind him on the depth chart.