Jay Gruden defends Andy Dalton

The prime example of an average NFL QB may be the Bengals’ Andy Dalton. Unfortunately for the Bengals and Bengals fans, he seems to be just bad enough to not win a championship and just good enough to not demand a change. The Bengals are stuck in a tough situation. Most QBs don’t develop to the point that Dalton is at, a serviceable NFL QB, but it would be very difficult for them to win much with him at the helm.

In the 2011 draft owner Mike Brown wanted to draft Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick for his high ceiling. Brown felt that Kaepernick could develop into a premier talent. Jay Gruden on the other hand wanted to draft TCU’s Andy Dalton, who he felt was more pro ready and gave the Bengals a chance to compete immediately. Turns out both were correct, Kaepernick is now in a borderline elite class and Dalton remains in a tier similar to the one he was in his rookie season, good enough to not lose games. Now Bengals fans are asking for more and Gruden is defending Dalton.

“We didn’t just need a quarterback to come in and compete or be a backup for a couple years and develop on the sidelines,” Gruden explained. “We needed one to come in and start right away.”

“It was my feeling and a lot of other people’s feeling in the building that Andy was the most mentally ready to come in and start Day 1,” Gruden said. ” … Colin had the great physical makeup, but there were questions about his quarterback accuracy, as a passer is concerned. I also wasn’t really into the read option stuff and it wasn’t really that popular at the time.”

“Who do they want?” Gruden asked. “Aaron Rodgers isn’t coming here in a trade. People need to appreciate what (Dalton) has done and will do.”-NFL.com

While it is true that the Bengals could be much worse off at QB, fans are impatient and if the Bengals don’t improve I can guarantee changes will be made somewhere.

  • real

    What Gruden is saying is a bunch of bs, The botton line is ANDY DALTON should not be the starting quarterback for the bengals next year. He do not have what it takes to be a good quarterback.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t care if Andy Dalton went 16-0 for his first three seasons and broke every record there is know to man, if he can’t win a playoff game, then he is worthless to us. No one cares about winning seasons, they care about championships.