Ray Rice says hip injury isn’t “something that you just bounce back from”

Looking at the season that Ray Rice is having it isn’t hard to see that he isn’t the Ray Rice of seasons passed. The main issue is likely a hip injury that Rice now admits he has been dealing with for some time.

“The injury I had this year wasn’t something that you just bounce back from and say, ‘Oh you know I had a hip,'” Rice said, via The Baltimore Sun. “It is definitely very hard to play through week in and week out. So when I look at things like that — statistics — I don’t worry.”

The Ravens entered last week’s game averaging 2.97 yards per carry, the fourth-lowest figure since the 1970 merger. Rice is rushing for just 46.5 yards per game, down 32.7 yards from his career average. Although the hip injury has certainly been a hindrance, Rice has received little help from an offensive line that has struggled to adapt to Juan Castillo’s zone scheme.-NFL.com

The good news for Rice and the Ravens is that Rice has averaged 4.24 yards per carry over the last two games so he may be getting closer to full strength.

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