Former Raven selling Super Bowl XLVII ring

Former Ravens RB Damien Berry is selling his Super Bowl ring less than one year after winning it.

“This is a rare opportunity for a fan or a collector to own a Super Bowl ring less than a year after it was earned and one from a landmark NFL game,” Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin told the Ravens’ website.

Berry spent the entire 2012 season on injured reserve after spending the 2011 season on the Ravens practice squad. It was easy for Berry to sell his ring, since he didn’t contribute to

It is unfortunate that Berry is already at the point in his life financially where he has to auction off the one thing that everyone in his line of work strives to get.

  • Brian Levine

    Have real story on why Damien Berry sold the ring. Since I was there. There been misleading stories.