Report: Tom Brady courted Ed Reed before he signed with the Jets

Future Hall of Fame Safety Ed Reed has found his way to the AFC East after being released by the Texans. That AFC East team however, is not the team that Tom Brady was hoping it would be. Reed signed with the Jets but according to a report if Brady would’ve had it his way, Reed would be playing in Foxboro.

First ballot future Hall of Famer Ed Reed ended up with Jets after they strongly recruited him following being waived by the Texans, but another future first-ballot Hall of Famer wanted him a little further north.

Tom Brady reached out to Reed, sources said, sending texts urging Reed to stop playing against New England and start playing for them, but the Patriots brass did not pursue Reed with any vigor, and the Jets came on

Unfortunately for Brady he isn’t the one holding the check book and Reed was pursued much harder by the Jets front office.