Santonio Holmes wants Mark Sanchez as his starting QB

Since Jets’ receiver Santonio Holmes can’t play yet, it seems he has taken it upon himself to decide who will be the starting quarterback this year.

According to Conner Orr of the Star-Ledger, this is what Holmes had to say.

On the quarterback competition: “Right now, it’s Sanchez and that’s who we’re going with and we’re going to continue on this road until time permits.”

Holmes also shared his feelings on the Darrelle Revis trade and deflected a Tim Tebow question.

On the Darrelle Revis trade: “I didn’t believe it, I was constantly getting text messages and phone calls asking me about the situation and all I can say is congrats to Rev, he deserves to get paid the way he’s playing and I hope he gets well with his injury to provide some great defense for the Bucs.”


On one word to sum up the Tim Tebow situation: (LONG PAUSE)….”That one I’m going to leave unanswered for that one. I have no answer for that one.”


When pressed further, Holmes said: “I didn’t get a chance to play with Tim Tebow so I can’t fully express myself on the situation.”

The Jets have been a disaster the past two years and now they are headed into a important year that will decide the fate of many; Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, and yes, Santonio Holmes as well.

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