Phil Simms says that Geno Smith would be the best QB in the 2014 class

I’m not sure if Phil Simms has been watching the same Geno Smith as the rest of us but for whatever reason he is claiming that Geno Smith would be the highest drafted QB in this years draft class.

On Wednesday, Simms told columnist Adam Schein on SirusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio that Jets quarterback Geno Smith is better than any quarterback coming out in the 2014 class.

The most interesting opinion: “I think if Geno Smith was in this draft class he would be the number one guy, without question.”

“I think this is a tough class to judge to say there is a true, without question, franchise quarterback ready to be drafted.”

There is a reason that Geno Smith fell as far as he did and there is a reason that there could be as many as 4 QBs picked in the first round of this years draft. I respect Simms’ opinion but his comments are way off base.

  • keith

    Yeah the professional football player and super bowl MVP would have no idea what it takes to play QB in the NFL… Geno had NO TALENTED SKILL PLAYERS he went to the worst offense in the league… If the Jets are smart and draft Ebron and then sign a Free Agent like Sanders or trade for a WR like Vincent Jackson on a rebuilding team then we can see how Geno plays. There was nobody who scared opposing defenses at WR RB TE. You can’t expect a rookie QB to carry the entire load 16 games with no help from his WR’s. The Jets need to do whatever it takes trade up 3-4 spots if they have to but they need to add a starter at either TE or WR then whichever they can’t get in the first round trade for or sign someone in free agency. They will clear 16 Million in Cap Space just cutting Sanchez & Holmes thats more then enough to get some new offensive toys for Geno