Braylon Edwards sees himself as elite

Someone needs to give Braylon Edwards a calendar because he still seems to think that it is 2007. Although Braylon Edwards is still playing into the 4th quarter of preseason games and getting snaps taken from younger guys Braylon Edwards says he still sees himself as elite.

“I’m starting to get into camp shape, that groove, that vibe,” Edwards said. “Now is the chance to really go after it and really show these guys I still have it and that I can play at an elite level to help this team win games.”- Rich Cimini ESPNNewYork August 13th

Braylon Edwards also seems to think that his relationship in with GM John Idzik will help him make a roster.

“The talent is there, that’s what people need to realize,” Edwards said. “John Idzik was in Seattle. If he saw a diminished player, I don’t think he would’ve brought me here.”

The fact of the matter is that Edwards is a diminished receiver and a shell of his former self. Just because Idzik brought him in to compete for a roster spot means nothing once the pads come on. Edwards will have to prove if he is one of the 5 or 6 best receivers on the Jets roster. Once he makes a team, then he can start trying to be elite.

  • theballerguru

    “The fact of the matter is that Edwards is a diminished receiver and a shell of his former self.” Really? You know this for a “fact”? Another “fact of the matter” going into last season was that Adrian Peterson was a shell of his former self and would never be the same again after tearing his ACL. How did that turn out? Give a guy a chance to prove himself before declaring anything. Braylon had a couple injury plagued seasons. He is very talented and if healthy and in proper shape, he can be every bit as good as he was a few years ago. If anything his hands have gotten better with time.