Report: Mike Pouncey Has Been Served With A Subpoena In Relation To Aaron Hernandez Case

According to a report done by, former University of Florida player, and current Miami Dolphin Mike Pouncey has been ordered to appear before a grand jury in Massachusetts that is currently ivnestigating a potnetial interstate gun ring involving former Florida teammate and New England Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez, who is currently charged with theĀ first-degree execution style murder of Odin Lloyd.

According to the report, Pouncey, who has been seen wearing a “Free Hernandez” hat, along with his twin brother Maurkice, who plays for the Steelers, could possibly be forced to turn over electronic records such as e-mails and cell phone records, as well as bank statements to the federal government.

Mike Pouncey was served with his subpoena after suffering a 27-17 defeat at the hands of the division rival New England Patriots on Sunday.

Being that subpoenas are only valid within the issuing state, it only made sense to serve Pouncey while he was in Mass. for obligatory reasons pertaining to his profession. Although, it certainly didn’t make matters any better after the Dolphins blew a 17-point lead. After the game, the Massachusetts state police waited for Pouncey, who could have served him during the week of practice in Rhode Island, where the Dolphins held their pre-game practices and walkthroughs. However, Authorities in fact waited until he was ready to depart back to Miami, avoiding any conflict with his profession.

To be perfectly clear, Pouncey has not been charged with any crimes. Law enforcement has deemed him a material witness, and nothing more. Pouncey could eventually face charges if the evidence he or anyone else involed turnsover turns out to engage Pouncey in any criminal conduct.

For Pouncey to be indicted, 12 of the 23 grand jurors would need to find probable cause, which relates to any reasonable ground that a person has committed a crime in light of what is known. As of this moment, there is zero reason to believe that Pouncey will be charged for any criminal acts.

Pouncey has three objectives following the serving of his subpoena; he can either comply, object or compeltely ignore. Essentially, if Pouncey complies, he would then testify in front of a grand jury under oath. If Pouncey chose to ignore the subpoena, he would then face the possiblity of being held in the contempt of the court, which is something neither the NFL or NFLPA would be very fond of him doing, so there is little chance that he would take that route, considering what’s at stake if he does.

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