Bill Belichick says that benching Stevan Ridley isn’t about sending a message

After fumbling against the Broncos in the first quarter last week and being inactive against the Texans it has been a rough stretch for Patriots RB Stevan Ridley.  However Bill Belichick says that it isn’t a matter of sending a message.

Instead, Belichick says, demoting Ridley to the bottom of the depth chart is simply a matter of putting the best players on the field for the Patriots.

“If I have a message to send to somebody, I’ll just sit down and talk to them and tell them what it is,” Belichick said

It is interesting that all of a sudden Coach Belichick feels more comfortable with Brandon Bolden than Ridley but ball security is paramount. If Ridley can improve his handle on the ball I’m sure he will see the field again soon.

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