Aaron Hernandez playing match maker with groupies, cell mates

With allegations of murder charges many people around the country are enraged with Aaron Hernandez. But not everyone is. The former Patriot TE is receiving a lot of groupie mail while in jail. Hernandez apparently thought it’d be nice to share the letters with some cell mates.

Aaron Hernandez is playing matchmaker behind bars … ’cause he’s been letting his sexually deprived prison buddies respond to his female fan mail, TMZ Sports has learned.

One of the lucky gals who wrote to Aaron got two responses last week — but neither of them were from the ex-Patriot/alleged murderer … instead, she heard back from some of his “roommates.”

A guy named “Rondo” and a dude named “John” — who are both locked up in the same prison with Aaron– say that AH encouraged them to write her … and suggested she look them up on FaceBook.-BlackSportsOnline.com

Unfortunately for Rondo and John the women aren’t attracted to just any alleged criminals, just rich alleged criminals. Hernandez in particular. The woman never followed up. I guess it was worth a try.

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