Richie Incognito files a grievance that criticizes Jonathan Martin’s strategy

According to Dolphins Guard Richie Incognito has filed a grievance that attacks the integrity of Tackle Jonathan Martin and his attorneys.

The grievance says in its introduction, “If any conduct has been detrimental to the team, it is the manner in which Mr. Martin’s representatives, including Mr. (David) Cornwell on behalf of his client, have elected to vilify Mr. Incognito and the entire Dolphins organization in the court of public opinion.”…

The grievance asserts that “the club’s discipline of Mr. Incognito is inappropriate, unreasonable, arbitrary, disparate, inconsistent with principles of progressive discipline and without just cause,” and says that the interaction between players was “welcome and mutual and reflected the normal manner in which the various players interacted with one another during the one and one-half season that Mr. Martin and Mr. Incognito were teammates.”

I must admit that the more that comes it out it does sound like for the most part the vulgar and graphic comments made appear to be more mutual and welcome than many of us were led to believe when this all began. Incognito may have a case here.