Report: Jonathan Martin’s situation isn’t the only problem in the Dolphins locker room

By now I’m sure you are all up to date on the situation with OT Jonathan Martin and his current estranged  relationship with the Dolphins (if not here is some information regarding his issues with the team).According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald that isn’t the only issue with the Dolphin’s locker room.

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald said there have been multiple issues, that if not exactly like the reported bullying and/or [harassment] of Martin, are creating problems in the locker room.

He describes a culture of older players forcing younger teammates to pick up the tab, with one player being handed a bill for a $30,000 team dinner. “The veterans are using the younger players as an ATM, I’m told,” he reported.

He then retweeted a message from defensive tackle Jared Odrick which had a picture of a large dinner, with the message: “Everything tastes better when rookies pay for it.”

That dovetails with reports that Martin was somehow coerced into paying $15,000 toward a trip to Las Vegas that he didn’t

I have heard of things like this happening in the past, but times are changing and highly drafted rookies aren’t making as much as they once did. Once you start taking out five-figure chunks from rookies’ relatively small salary it becomes and issue. This type of hazing needs to be taken care of, I understand rookie haircuts, carrying gear and buying small snacks for position groups but I draw the line at compromising a rookie’s financial livelihood.

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