Ray Farmer: I didn’t want to miss what’s going to happen in Cleveland

Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer appeared to be a finalist for the Dolphin GM position but pulled his name out of the running. Why turn down such a great opportunity? He says he wanted to be a part of what Cleveland is doing.

Browns assistant general manager Ray Farmer was considered a top candidate for the Miami Dolphins’ GM position, but said this week that he “didn’t finish the process” for a reason.

“I think Cleveland is primed and I think we’re in a position to redefine the history books,” Farmer told Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer. “I think change is on the horizon and I didn’t want to miss what’s going to happen in Cleveland.”

Said Farmer: “I assume they would’ve given me the job. That’s the way it was articulated to me. If I took the job, I would’ve reported directly to (Dolphins owner) Stephen Ross and it was a tremendous opportunity. It still is a dream of mine to become a general manager and run my own program and put together my own team, but it wasn’t the right time for me.”-NFL.com

Farmer turning down a job in Miami for one in Cleveland makes me wonder about the front office in Miami. The Dolphins have a QB in place that is better than anything on Cleveland’s roster.