Mike Sherman on Mike Wallace’s request for more deep balls “You can’t force [them]”

There is no doubt that Mike Wallace would like to see some more deep passes his way, something that made him his money when he was in Pittsburgh. Mike Wallace confirmed his desires on Tuesday.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Wallace was asked Tuesday if he wanted to have more deep balls thrown in his direction and answered “yeah” before Dolphins staffers intervened and said Wallace had talked enough for the day.

and OC Mike Sherman explained why that hasn’t really been a possibility.

“We’re getting more two safety-looks to take away deeper looks. We called 12 deep balls [Monday],” Sherman said. “They didn’t go there because coverage didn’t allow it to go there. You can’t force things when they’re not there.”-NBCSports.com

Wallace has to realize that if the looks aren’t there the passes can’t be made. He needs to watch what he says a little more closely before he falls out of favor with the Dolphins staff.

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