Anthony Fasano’s days in Miami might be numbered

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Miami Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano may be a seven-year veteran but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be the starter once the season begins.

Fasano’s take on the tight end position worked well in the Tony Sparano offensive era (not too well though, Fasano finished 29th at his position in catches (32) and 23rd in yards (451) and was tied for 12th in touchdowns (5)), but may not be the perfect match for the Joe Philbin West Coast Attack being implemented in 2012.

The West Coast Attack is focused around speed and quickness from the line of scrimmage and at 6 foot 4, 255 pounds, Fasano may have difficulty executing it. But all hope may not be lost just yet; Philbin has indicated that no decisions have been made in regard to their starting line up and he is not counting Fasano out.

In reference to footage of Fasano’s 2011 season Philbin said, “He caught the ball well and found a way to get open. I don’t know what his (40-yard dash) time is, but he found a way to find seams in the coverage and he has some instincts as a route runner…. He has very good hands; we like the way he catches the football and finds a way to get open. (And) he can block on the line of scrimmage. He’s going to be a good player and I’m looking forward to watching his development.”

And does the addition of two new tight ends in the offseason scare Fasano? “All that tells me is it’s an important position in this offense,” Fasano said during last week’s mini-camp. “That’s a good sign. They want the best tight end — or two or three — out there.” And wherever Fasano ends up on the playing field is of little concern to him, he is just ready to get out there and contribute. “I’m working to be proficient in whatever they ask me to do. If they ask me to catch more passes, I’ll do that, and if I’m called upon in the running game I’ll continue to do that.”

Regardless of what he ends up doing the hope is it will be of great use to the fledgling Miami offense.

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