Kevin Kolb struggling at Bills camp

Although it’s early Kevin Kolb has shown much more rust than expected at Bills’ training camp according to an report

“Kolb, who again got the first-team nod and more practice reps, looked at times like he was trying to complete passes to the water cooler on the sideline,” The Buffalo News wrote about Monday’s July 30

The veteran QB must play better or he may be passed on the depth chart by rookie QB E.J. Manuel. The city of Buffalo will certainly be clamoring to see Manuel and if the QB battle is close at all, look for the rookie to get the nod.

  • Robert Woods

    If Bills fans thought Ryan Fitztrajic was bad Kolb, wait until they see Kolb. He would make Fitztrajic look like Tom Brady. Kolb is definitely a big BUST. Two other teams tried their best to make him a starting QB, but he stinks that freaking bad. The guy is a useless bum who I wouldn’t even want as a back up. If Manuel gets hurt the Bills season is over. But that may be a good thing. To get Clowney from the South Carolina Game Cocks you will have to finish last or at least second last. They are saying this kid is going to be the next Bruce Smith. He’s supposed to be that good.